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"The Grate Escape"
Egress safety is easy with the Grate Escape!


Do not stack anything on the top of your new Grate.
This will hinder or prevent the exit in the case of an EMERGENCY.


Q. Do I need to buy the Grate Escape lift and the grate?

  A. No. But in order to receive all the safety features it should be sold as a unit.

Q. How do I install the Grate Escape lift for my new Grate?

  A. The installation instructions are on the web page under the E-Z INSTALLATION button.
       You are welcome to contact us for advanced or custom situations.

Q. How long does it take to install the Grate Escape lift?

  A. Normally the installation time is about 1/2 hour plus.

Q. Can I install the Grate Escape lift device on my old grate?

  A. If you have a "Boman-Kemp" grate, (choice #3) then Yes.
  B. We will make custom grates as requested.

Q. Is there any maintenance needed?

  A. No. But keep the weeds and snow from binding the hinges.

NOTE-- Any questions PLEASE feel free to call (509) 468 5167.


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