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"The Grate Escape"®

Easy-to-use Egress Window Grate Lifting Device

Egress safety is easy with the Grate Escape®!



Our business originated specializing in the remodeling of residential homes. Over 20 years working as a remodeling and building contractor, we came to the inevitable conclusion that in numerous instances the egress well escape windows with mounted covers posed viable safety threat to the occupants on several levels.

More specifically, children or the elderly would invariably lack the ability to escape through these areas largely because of the brute force required in moving these covers or steel grates in the event of an emergency. The fact of the matter is these steel grates are simply much TOO HEAVY for the average child, and for some senior citizens, to lift out of the way in case of an emergency like a FIRE when escaping out through the egress well. This was the primary driving force in developing the products we provide here at the Grate Escape®.

Other concerns outside of internal emergencies to consider are those of an external nature. Its only logical to conclude that children and pets could conceivably FALL into those egress window wells that aren't covered at all. These scenarios would undoubtedly cause serious injuries.

Egress safety in case of home emergencies or uncovered egress window well accidents is of our utmost primary concern. If we can save one child or citizen's life with our patented product, the Grate Escape's® mission and vision is accomplished!

Through the years of working around homes which pose this particular hazard to the residents, we decided to dedicate our time and resources in finding the best solution possible that would resolve all these potential threats. The patented lifting device known as the "Grate Escape® Lifter" provides a safe opportunity for all to easily escape an emergency from within your home. In addition to this device, we offer a variety of "Grate Covers" that will fit and adapt to any egress window well opening likely to prevent possible accidents from outside your home. These products provide a safe haven and peace of mind for your home and your families!

     Don't delay, be "Grate Escape"® SAFE today!

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